Donate Your Unneeded Samples to Local Design Schools

WCAA members, are you ready to donate your unneeded samples to local design schools instead of the local landfill? Save A Sample! is a non-profit, nationwide recycling drive that makes it easy (and fun!) for designers to donate materials and samples to local design students preventing “tons” of materials from going to landfill.

This year’s Save A Sample! drive is April 3-5th, 2018.

Save A Sample! gives “another life” to manufacturer brochures, fabrics, finish cards, and other loose samples. Architecture and Design Firms around the country donate materials, which are then distributed to design schools. As a result, design students have a much richer set of resources to choose from during the year. Save A Sample! participants also raise money to fund scholarships which help design schools support work-study resource librarian positions.

For more information and to sign up for the Save A Sample! mailing list, visit: